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The British Internationals

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The British Internationals Empty The British Internationals

Post  Gethyn Rees Sun Nov 14, 2010 8:17 am

Back in about the year 2001 I begun a similar project to the society. I wanted to combine my biggest two interests, rugby and the Great War. Data and access to data was in it's infancy, particularly the internet and most research was a slow process of visiting archives and leafing through an immense amount of material to just gain a small bit of information.

I concentrated on the British Internationals after I very quickly realised that my initial idea of covering every rugby club in the Uk was not feasible. After a couple of years research it dawned on me that even covering the Brits was a huge task that I could not do on my own.

The idea was shelved along with my findings. I have a little bit more time and as records come online I dip into it now and again like I did today and found your site. I had recently thought that if i could get this off the ground I was going to approach the British legion and the recently created Help for heroes and get my results in a book form with their help and all the proceeds go to them. I think that this sort of data is worthy of a book and not just internet.

Either way, I do have a lot of material, photos, a personal diary, war diaries of the day the subject died etc etc, and I am willing to share this with you if you wish to discuss the idea of getting the book done.

I work full time so "free" time is limited as I expect is yours but at the moment I have 4 large folders of fact figures, data etc sitting collecting dust and a blank piece of paper which I haven't ever had the chance to begin.

I wrote a similar book in the late 90's about Dartford and the Great War. This was my first published effort at local history and it went down well enough. My problem is stringing sentences together in a readable format and rugby statistics are a little dry without the flesh.

The four home Unions were not a great help when I contacted them back in 2000 but I think interest and opinion has changed a lot in 10 years. The biggest help was the private library at Twickenham which I spent many hours until I got everything I could from them at that time.

Please contact me if you wish to chat further.

Gethyn Rees

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The British Internationals Empty Royal British Legion & Internationals

Post  Pat Johnson Thu Jan 02, 2014 4:32 am

Have just come across this post and hope I am not too late. As Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal Organizer for Durham & Rugby Fan I am currently engaging with Durham City Rugby Club Mini & Junior Section to research our War Dead listed on the Club War Memorial and Club players who enlisted in the Great War and came home.
Have found at least two England Internationals, a Barbarian and a Welsh International amongst the dead (not bad out of 19 names listed). Also some quite emotional stories e.g the Dingles who lost both rugby playing sons and the Adamsons 3 brothers (C Y a teacher at Bow School Durham was a Barbarian & toured Australia) and two of their sons who all fought. CY and his brother R W did not return.

We are aiming to have a memorial service in August with proceeds going to the Poppy Appeal. I am also organising a Royal British Legion Memorial Dinner at Durham School whose 98 casualties include several noted players. A biography of each one will hopefully be completed by August 14. Will this info be of use to you?

Pat Johnson

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The British Internationals Empty Dingles

Post  rugbyremembers Wed Jan 08, 2014 7:12 am

See my post on the other stream re Dingles. Whole chapter in Final Whistle, plus one on Old Dunelmian mate of AJD Nowell Oxland. And with passing mentions of Hugh D and Alfred Maynard. Poet Noel Hodgson also played rugby for Durham School - a book on him out this year.
Somewhere I have copy of an amusing letter from John Norman, writing to a chum, trying to get him to join up, along with others including 'Fattie Maynard' - I imagine he did not call him that to his face!

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